"A bespoke personal stylist service in the North East, UK"

Discover your new style

☐ Do you feel like you’re stuck in a style rut?  

☐ Have you got a lot of clothes but never really feel like you have anything to wear?  

☐ Or you might be confused by what actually suits your body and complexion?  

☐ Do you have a style that you would like to achieve but you just don’t know how to? 


If any of these apply to you a personal styling session might just be what you need. With all the ever changing fast-fashion and overwhelming choice I can guide you to create stunning outfits and show you how you can achieve your ideal style. We all want that unique and put together look and sometimes it just takes that little extra help from a qualified professional. 


- During your session you will receive: 


☑ Professional styling advice

☑ Tips and tricks to make your everyday styling easier

☑ Knowledge about what actually suits you

☑ How to build outfits from new and old clothes. 

☑ How to elevate your looks with the right accessories.

☑ A stress-free confidence boosting experience. 


To find your perfect styling session please take a look at the styling menu to see which session is most suitable for your needs. 

About Bella

"- I started my journey as a stylist in Sweden where I studied Fashion and Design, I then found my passion for personal styling and the ability to make other people feel amazing about themselves. I started working as a stylist in 2015 and since then I have styled  thousands of individuals with different fashion dilemmas. The best part of my job is the feeling after a styling session and the client is saying "I didn't know I could look this good" and you can see that they like what they see in the mirror.

I offer a luxury service that is accessible to anyone and I can quarantee that you will feel a boost of confidence after a styling session with me. "

- Bella

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